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Space Weather Explorer (SWX) is a free utility to visualize space weather models delivered to the Community Coordinated Modeling Center. It currently supports the Open Global Geospace Circulation Model (OpenGGCM) and the Block Adaptive Tree Solarwind Roe Upwind Scheme (BATSRUS) models with support for future models in development, all using the CCMC's access and interopolation libraries.

The application is developed using OpenDX, and is available for Linux, OSX, and Unix (tested on Solaris). It can be used to view specific timesteps of a run performed by the CCMC, and to generate images of an entire run to aid in the creation of movies.

SWX supports the following features:

  • Display of up to three 2D slices
  • User selectable subdomain
  • Streamlines visualized as ribbons, lines, or tubes
  • Volume
  • Isosurface
  • Vectors as glyphs
  • Interactive manipulation of rendered image with user selectable options
  • Export to VRML and TIFF, JPG, or PNG (imagemagick support)


These are example images, some of which are the same timestep, with different options or views.


These are example movies created using output from SWX. Some of the files require alternative video players such as videolan or Mplayer

Magnetotail Stretching and Plasmoid Release (movie)
April 17 2002 event (movie)
April 17 2002 event (movie)

Downloads (coming soon)

Space Weather Explorer


Coming soon...


Cortona VRML plugin
Xj3D - a java VRML browser

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