The 7th CCMC Community Workshop
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7th CCMC Community Workshop Presentations


Introduction, Director's Report, Agencies' View of CCMC, Keynote Presentations
Chair: R. Walker, NSF

CCMC Support for an Evolving LWS Program
Chair: S. Antiochos, NASA GSFC


Models at CCMC, Collaborations with Model Developers, Updates from on-going LWS projects, Preparation for LWS deliverables
Chair: I.Roussev, NSF

Chair: R. Walker, NSF Chair: H. Singer, NOAA/SWPC

Mission Science Support. Inner Magnetosphere Models.
Chair: J. Raeder, UNH

Research and Education Support

Chair: T. Moretto, NSF


Space Weather: Applications, Prototyping, Services, Meterics and Validation.
Chair: T. Gombosi, UMICH

Linking space environment modeling with models calculating impacts on biological and technogical systems

Chair: J. Harris, US AF

Partnership with research, educational and operational institutions world-wide
Chair: I. Mccrea, Rutherford Appleton Laboratory


National Aeronautics and Space Administration Air Force Materiel Command Air Force Office of Scientific Research Air Force Research Laboratory Air Force Weather Agency NOAA Space Environment Center National Science Foundation Office of Naval Research

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