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Prediction for solar and heliospheric conditions using Luhmann PFSS model, Wang-Sheeley-Arge potential field + current sheet model and ENLIL model

  This page was generated at: Sun Dec 4 18:24:05 UTC 2016

Luhman PFSS magnetic field:


PFSS hairy ball image

Wang Sheeley Arge source surface at 21.5 RS:

NOTE: Wang-Sheeley-Arge (WSA) model not fine-tuned to optimize the solution fit when using GONG Network data.
The GONG data has been temporarily substituted because of unavailability of other data.


Solar wind input data

ENLIL solar wind

ENLIL solar wind spiral 
          image  - ENLIL parameters at Earth from one day ago until two days into the future
Authorizing NASA Official: Could not open input file: 0c